About the Environmental Farm Plan

Farmers and ranchers across the country are committed to producing safe food in a way that ensures the long-term sustainability of their land and business. For many, this commitment is put into action through the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP).

The EFP is a voluntary, whole-farm, self-assessment tool that helps farmers and ranchers identify and build on environmental strengths, as well as mitigate risks on their operations.

To-date, 35% of Canadian farmers and ranchers have completed an EFP making it the most widely used environmental program in Canadian Agriculture. Delivered at the provincial and territorial level, the EFP’s success in the farming community is because of its model that spreads awareness and drives the process through environmental education, practical and proven best management practices, regulation and cost-sharing incentives. The EFP is specifically designed to support farmers with continuous improvement.

Learn more about the provincial and territorial EFP programs from coast-to-coast: